Business in 90 Seconds - Episode 11 -Cold mountain affect in Business

Episode 11 – Cold mountain effect – When are you coming down

Welcome to the eleventh episode of “Business in 90 seconds” an informative session on business insights.

This week I wanted to talk about cold mountain effect, every one know that we can’t live at the cold mountain for ever, one would have taken a journey to a cold mountain, you reached there and spend some time and then come back.

Now how does cold mountain reflect in business.

This is the hardest part of smart and talented people as well as businesses, they are perfectly capable of accomplishing what they want, but they refuse to plant the flag and come down, they keep hanging in there adding more features and try to perfect the product or service and most of the times which the market does not want.

Think about this concept and check whether we are in cold mountain effect, if you have achieved what you intended, do not hang in there, come down, enjoy the victory and try something different.

Stay tuned for my next episode with another business insight

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