"Business in 90 Seconds" - Episode 3 - There are customers, but there is no business

Welcome to the third episode of “Business in 90 seconds” an informative session on creating new business models.

Customers are there, but there is no business, if you reflect upon this for a moment, you would understand this analogy, this may one of your current business pain, that there are lot of customers which needs your product or services, or they were once your customers, but they do not come to you or you do not get their business. Why is it so ?

Let me give you an example, couple of years back, a client of mine owned a Dental clinic, wanted to start another clinic and we were discussing on what should be the name for the clinic, he was more positioned to put the name in terms of his quality service, or high end equipment he had etc. I asked, let’s ask your current clients. For the next two weeks, we put a questionnaire, asking why they were coming to this clinic. 90% of them had the same answer, and it was a real eye opener for my client, all of them answered its because, this was the only clinic where in they had walk in service, which means they did not need to wait in clinic for service.

Take a second for yourself and think about this story as well as the analogy, customers are there, but there is no business and compare it to your business. How does customer perceive your product or services, what do they want, what are their current pains and gains, and how do you relieve their pain and create gains for them. Are you keeping on solving their past pain and not their newer pains or are you keeping on creating gains which is not a gain any more for them …. Are you aware of their new pains and gains………….what changes or how updated are you serve your customers ….. Take the required action right now so that customers are there and you have business from them too……..

Stay tuned for my next episode …………….

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