Episode 13 - Business in 90 Seconds - Watermelon Challenge

Welcome to the thirteenth episode of “Business in 90 seconds” an informative session on business insights.

This week I wanted to introduce the watermelon number challenge, solve this puzzle and sharpen your business skills.

Can you solve this puzzle, the question is select any 3 watermelons to get a sum of 30?, maybe you should pause this video and think for a moment ………..ok I can give some clues……..

1) What you see is all odd numbers and so be sure that if we keep adding odd numbers, we will not get an even number.

2) So the option is to find an even number in this, since all the numbers are in on a watermelon, and since the watermelon is round, is there a possibility to get an even number if we roll the watermelon.

3) Watermelon with Number 9 if rolled could be read as 6 which is an even number. With this you will be able to solve this puzzle.

Now how does it relate to business.

1) Check your base rules - Sometimes in business we keep adding odd numbers to get a result of an even number, you will never succeed

2) Look at things differently – If you get a clue that an even number can solve your problem, start looking at each piece of your business differently to find the even number or find the right solution.

Think over it, and reflect for yourself to see whether you are adding odd numbers to get an even number..

Stay tune for my next episode with another business insight.

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