Episode 16 - Ted talks but never listens

Welcome to the sixteenth episode of “Business in 90 seconds” an informative session on business insights.

This week I wanted to introduce an analogy “Ted talks but never listens”. This has nothing to do with great and informative show, which everyone is familiar, but this line has been a buzz word in business industry.

When a reporter asked about to Nelson Mandela as to how he became a great leader, he explained that when he was young, he used to go with his Dad who was a tribal leader and he observed that his Dad was the last to speak in the tribal meeting which helped his Dad to get the entire perspective of his tribe and come up with the most ideal reflection on the topic and Nelson Mandela used to apply the same in his life too, which made him a great leader.

Now how does cold mountain reflect in business.

In many of the organization structures, managers talk based on their perception of the business to their team, but how often they spend time to listen to their team members or how many times do they give opportunity to the team to speak. Not often right,

Think about this concept and check whether we are a Ted who always speaks and never listens.

Stay tuned for my next episode with another business insight

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