Episode 17 - Your attitude defines your altitude

Welcome to the seventeenth episode of “Business in 90 seconds” an informative session on business insights.

This week I wanted to introduce an often heard but rarely practiced analogy “Your attitude defines your altitude” We all had lot of unprecedented setbacks in 2020, and many of us agree that “black swan” exists, but most of us survived with what, our attitude.

In an interview Ronaldo was asked a question as to who a better player is, Messi or himself, Ronaldo did not have to think twice, he said I am the best player in the world, in my mind, in my eyes, I am the best, if I don’t keep this attitude, I will never be the best.

Do you have this attitude for yourself and for your business, and if you don’t have, who else will have, is it not your duty and responsibility to tell your customers that your product or services is the best, if not who else will.

Think about it, your attitude defines your altitude to fly high.

Stay tune for my next episode with another business insight.

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