Episode 5- We create numbness, but forget to pluck the teeth - sales pitch and conversion

Welcome to the fifth episode of “Business in 90 seconds” an informative session on business insights.

This week I want to put across another analogy “ we create numbness in the gum, but forget to pluck the teeth”, we all know that when we go to a dentist, and if the teeth needs to be plucked, the gums has to be made numb. Now how does it co-relate in business.

We often meet customers to tell our great story of our product and services, its evolution, its features and do explain how it beats the competition, the real value proposition etc, basically we do all what is required to impress the customer. In a way what we are doing is making the customer numb. But reality is how often do we pluck the teeth or how often do we convert our impressive pitch to sales.

Most often we leave the sales conversion for some other date and time and by the time the numbness would have gone, and we are not in position to pluck the teeth or convert into sales. Are we doing justice for ourselves as well as customers, think about it and make sure you pluck the teeth next time.

Stay tuned for my next episode with another business insight ……………..

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