Episode 6 – Difference between change and transformation – Optimization versus 10X growth

This week I want to share as to what I see as the difference between change and transformation. A snake changing its skin can be termed as a change, which means even after change, snake is still a snake, but a caterpillar transforming to butterfly is a transformation, since this transformation opens up a new world of opportunities for the butterfly.

Let’s see how this analogy reflects in a business scenario, what is a change in business, an optimization in resources or an slight increase in revenue or profit can be termed as a change, the business is still the same here, but when you change your business model, your business transforms and opens up a new world of opportunities for you, if you see all the current high valuation companies did not innovate new products, but innovated new business models.

I work with 14 business canvases and 60 different business patterns with clients to find a unique business model which can transform organizations, its high time you start seriously thinking about your business model.

Stay tuned for my next episode with another business insight.

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