Episode 8 – Is it ripe enough to pluck the fruit

This week’s analogy is timing for reaping the harvest or to make sure the fruit is ripe enough before to pluck the fruit. How does this relate to business? Last week I had a session with a new client, their issue was they get good leads in the pipeline, was able to make an impactful presentation but not able to close the sales. I asked them, what do they sell and asked to explain the step by step effort to educate the customer about the product.

It turned out that, they were into high value low volume sales, and within a couple of presentation they were trying to close the sales. Basically they were trying to pluck the fruit before it was ripe which was resulting in frustration.

While planning your sales strategy, try to be in the shoes of your customer and see, how long would it take for you to understand the product, identity the pain relievers and gain creators of the product and get confident to give a green signal, basically the time you would give to water, manure and nurture a plant to bear fruit and ripe. Please allocate the same time for your customers and then go for the harvest.

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