Joseph as a guest in podcast named "EVIL CRAZY GENIUS"

This episode’s guest is Joseph Sudhip - World Leading Coach in Business Model Design who causes dramatic transformation with his one-of-a-kind holistic methodology. He is also a host of a podcast named “ Business in 90 seconds” that documents those transformations. “Don’t change the product, change the concept” Topics mentioned in the podcast: * - supplement gifting company * 5 elements exercise, Earthing * How CEOs get to see their business with a fresh set of eyes * He uses 40 business canvases & 60 business patterns * Why businesses have problems? - Theory of the Domain of Knowledge * Difference between Change vs Transformation * Why some people are inquisitive and some are not? * Paving your own way vs Following a blueprint * Mentor vs Coach * Things to consider when reading books (Important!) - Is it giving you a fish or is it teaching you to fish? * Dan Ariely

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