CIBI SunilKumar - Director CEECEE Bakers

Hai, This is Cibi Sunil Kumar of CeeCee Bakery in the BNI Brilliants chapter. We approached Mr.Sudhip Joseph, The Business Coach, for an annual training session, which we usually giving to our sales team. Though he was an expert in 121, he agreed to take the team session according to our interest, without showing any hesitation. He was able to do it with great charm, energy and with brainstorming ideas which helped the staffs to rethink about their perspective of sales. The whole team was so happy for providing such a great, amazing trainer and coach for them. I highly recommend Mr. Sudhip for his coaching sessions if you are in great need to mould a successful business idea or to develop a great team to set your business goals and to be a successful entrepreneur. Wish you all success Sudhip, as an outstanding business coach.

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ABDUL Razzak - CEO Lancet Glass

Lancet Glass senior management team has been triggered with positive energy by Joe, the Business Coach, it was a wonderful day for my team, Joe has put them in a right direction with lots of new thought, they were guided by Joe in a efficient way. I am seeing a big change in the altitude of my team, its very necessary to have this type of training session for our employees, I strongly recommend Joe as a Business Coach and trainer.


Dineeshan M - Founder Dart Media

I am Dineshan MD, of Dart Media, I was a person who never took business so seriously till I met with Mr. Sudhip Joseph, the business coach. I went to meet him with an expectation of a great classroom coaching session. But to my surprise, he took me to play billiards and had a long conversation about many other things of my interest like nature, games, fishing, and farming. Later only I could realize we were talking so seriously about my business concepts, vision, ideas, my dreams about it in between all these things. I was somehow slowly developing a serious business mindset throughout this conversation. Till then I had no specific goals. Actually, he didn't teach me anything but instead made me realize who I am and what is my goals. But by the end of that good conversation, I had clear goals. I was able to experience my transformation from a normal human being to a businessman with a vision and mission. I firmly believe that if I can change like this, anyone else can take advice from him and reach the heights easily. He proved himself as a great business coach. Thank You.

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